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Face of an angel, heart of the devil

Igne Natura Renovatur Integra

Dietrich von Lohengrin「marionettenspieler 」
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Dietrich von Lohengrin

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Disclaimer: Dietrich and Trinity Blood belongs to Sunao & THORES.

Name: Dietrich von Lohengrin.
Series: Trinity Blood (Novel/Manga).
Aliases: Marionettenspieler, Puppet Master, Puppeteer, Mein Herr's pretty brown-eyed doll, Dean Butler, etc.
Rank: 8=3 'Magister, Order of the Magi' of the Rosencreutz Orden.
Age: 20-21 years old.

Personality-Pre City: Evil sadist with a black heart, unable to feel real love and affection. Dietrich sees people as puppets or annoyances/threats, except for Cain (who he worships as if he was God). He regards most situations as a game he plays. Even though of this, he honestly thinks the world would be a better place if the Orden reach their goal, that makes him an idealist. With all this, Dietrich is highly paraoid at betrayal of those who claim to be his family. Caterina Sforza is able to turn him against Cain in the future of his canon when he thought Mein Herr was going to dispose of him. He seems to disregard women as rivals, that made him weak against a formidable female enemy.

Powers: Dietrich is a genius prodigy, a little techno Mozart. He was born with a superior intelligence but an inclination to do evil with it. He self-taught to employ, create and manipulate Lost Technology since a young age (also, like Isaak, he can have access to magic, albeit isn't in his best interest to employ that). Among his creations/abilities we count: the foot troops of the RCO, corpses of vampires he himself manipulates and controls by removing their frontal brain: the invisible biowires of an unknown reach that attach themselves in the central nervous system and are able to manipulate the nerves, limbs and reactions (also incuding pain and pleasure at his leisure); his hacking skills are able to break international and interspacial codes (hacking the alien Arc to attack the Empire in canon or Isaak's brain chip in); he is able to resurrect and construct Radu's body to use as puppet later on; strong and fast enough to get his fist in a vampire's chest without a scratch; finally able to appear and dissapear in some instances of rare "magical" show.

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Housing: Building 6, 666 apartment.

Alignment: Villain.

Status: Alive. Post ROM III.

Relationship Status: He claims to love Esther Blanchett.